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Air charter ordering (booking)
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How can you decide, what kind of aircraft to book for charter? - Under the "Aircraft" file on the upper left of this page you may find some helpful information, if you need more, do not hesitate to contact us any time.
For booking - more precisely getting an quote offer - the following information are needed:
- departure airport (or city):
- destination airport (or city):
- date of departures(requested schedule, if known):
- number of passengers (and service level: standard, VIP, luxurious)
- special or oversized luggage (if any)
- special treatment of passengers or luggage (physical disable person, hunting weapons)
- smoking aircraft, pets on board request
- your
- name
- phone number
- e-mail
Easy booking

We always try to give you initial quote estimates within 24-48 hours from your request in e-mail, what normally contains 2-3 options with the following data:
- type of aircraft
- aircraft date of manufacture/refurbish
- aircraft category
- passenger capacity
- estimated flight time
- charter price
- other information, like passenger cabin height
- interior and exterior photos & cabin layout of the aircraft type selected.

If you managed to select from the initial quotes, then our air charter broker partner produces the charter agreement, and the pro forma invoice (normally in English, and not longer than two pages) - what includes all terms and conditions and what agreement we sand you for validation.
The pest period of booking a private air charter is 1-2 weeks (3-4 weeks in Summer time) in advance of the flight. (2 weeks minimum in case of flights outside of Europe).
Just a few days prior departure (5 days in case flights outside Europe) we have to prepare the passenger list, and we also provide you all flight details, like flight number, check-in or exact place of arrival.
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