Legal issues:
Air Connect Hungary Ltd. (hereinafter: ACH) conducts marketing, consultancy and booking services regarding to air transportation, airport operation and also in line with the 86/653/EC directive providing independent sales agent service for re-sale of aircraft transportation capacity.
ACH cooperates with companies, holding license and insurance for airport or aircraft operation.
Air Connect Hungary Ltd. is the business development partner of LunaJets S.A. 27 rue Cardinal Journet CH-1217 Meyrin, Geneva / Switzerland In connection with its activities – especially with air charter administration and organization – Air Connect Hungary may forward necessary personal or company information to LunaJets.
Air charter bookings and connected financial transfers are carried on directly between the client and LunaJets S.A.
LunaJets is a flight broker and as such arranges carriage by air on behalf of its customers by chartering aircraft from third-party aircraft operators. LunaJets only acts as an intermediary, does not itself operate aircraft and is not a contracting or an indirect carrier. There is no contract of carriage between LunaJets and its customers or the passengers and LunaJets is not liable for damage sustained by them during or in connection with carriage by air. In such event, the customers or the passengers only have recourse against the aircraft operators.

Air Connect Hungary Ltd. excludes responsibility of operation of its airport or air carrier partners, but customers may request to see and check validity of licenses and insurances.
Services of ACH may be used by signing contract and/or accepting trade rules . ACH expresses here, that any information shown on the website, or on any other marketing tool, or media are not complete and can not be considered as offer.
ACH does its all efforts to find the best solution for its customers, but can not fully guarantee, that able to fulfill all demands in all cases.

Internet website and other media:
ACH reserves all rights regarding to the full content of its website, including any other information or marketing tool, printed or electronic advertisement (hereinafter: Media).
ACH expresses that unintentionally in its Media might be show inappropriate data. If you find such information please contact us on . ACH excludes any responsibility emerging from these inappropriate data.

Any Media content can be changed without prior notice.
In the Media there can be show information or service offer, which not belongs to ACH it only broadcasts them. ACH excludes any responsibility regarding to the content of this information or services.
ACH expresses delimitation from any other Media, even if ACH logo or name shown on the Media ? excluding written cases.
ACH handle information received on its Media or e-mail confidently, but also expresses that ACH information channels are not scripted, or secret. ACH excludes any responsibility to losses emerging from using ACH communication channels.
ACH Internet website and e-mail addresses operated by CheckWeb.
All visitor may use ACH website on his/her own risk. ACH excludes any responsibility to losses emerging from using ACH website channels.

Publications, documentations:
Information, news show on the Media are not always belongs to ACH, therefore ACH does not agree its content in all cases.

Newsletter and data handling
Visitors may sign up to ACH newsletter voluntary. Visitors agree, that they received all necessary information they need before signed up to the newsletter.
In connection with its operation, ACH may request, handle and forward personal and company data (info). By provision such personal and company data, data provider voluntarily and definitely approves ACH to store, handle and forward – if necessary – provided data.
You may find the option to sign off the service in all newsletter. Signing up to the newsletter is possible via two options.
The second is the ‘Sign up to our newsletter’ option on the left side of the webpage. Private persons may use the first option only in case the e-mail address provided contains the name of the person in name@operator.xy formula. In this case ACH consider, and record the data provided as the name of the person. In all other cases private persons may sign up to our newsletter via the second option, when – according to Hungarian regulations provision of the name of the person is mandatory. ACH does not hand over for third party any data received for operation of newsletter service, and delete all personal data upon customers requests, when connection expired or information contains illegal data.